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children family motherhood Sep 08, 2021
family pep talk

A couple of years ago, our family moved a few counties over for work. The move required a change in childcare for our girl.

We found an in-home daycare close to our new home, but we knew it was going to be an adjustment for our girl who was 2 at the time.

She was used to Grandma, or a nanny, or a house with only 1 or 2 other children.

This was going to be a different situation entirely for my little introvert.

When I would drop her off in the morning she was always a little scared and often there were tears.

Don’t get me wrong, she milked me for all I was worth, and I bought into it full hog, but let’s be honest, the worst part of my day is leaving my babies with someone else.

Anyways, as I continued to do drop-offs, I gave her a little pep talk each morning. 

I wanted her to remember how much I loved and missed her throughout the day, but I had read somewhere that children become the people you tell them they are. So I wanted to include that too.

For example, if you tell a child they are kind, they will become kind, because they believe it’s true.

If you tell them over and over again that they’re honest, they will live up to that expectation.

So in my pep talks to my girl, I started telling her who she was, so she would never forget it, but also so she would become that person.

I noticed that I was saying the same things over and over, and eventually it just turned into a family motto of sorts that we all have memorized and sits on our mantle.

The best part? Listening to my girl say the same things to her little brother when he’s scared to go to daycare or somewhere new.

So for my babies and anyone else that needs to hear it today:

You’re brave.

You’re strong.

You’re beautiful.

You’re smart.

You’re kind.

And?! I love you. 

Originally Published 4/30/20

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