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Helping working moms in the tech industry be rockstar moms AND kick butt at their tech career without all the guilt. 

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For me, your success as a working mom in tech is most important!

 After struggling with incessant guilt and burnout as a working mom, I needed relief--immediate relief. And I wanted something better for my life and for my babies than just surviving the daily grind.

What started as a quest to improve my own life and mental health has turned into a coaching practice that has helped hundreds of working moms ditch the guilt and exhaustion so they can be the moms and the career women they want to be.


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Success as a Mom

Success as a mom has nothing to do with whether or not I work. I decide the metrics.

My Favorites

NCIS. Ice Cream. Cycling. 4th of July. Being a Mom. Being married to Jake.

Success as a Professional

I enjoy working. I don't have to sacrifice being successful in my career, because I'm a mom.

Shannon has helped me so much! I have much more confidence, and I feel less overwhelmed. She really has helped me realize my worth. . . . She helped me change the way I thought about things and gave me practical things to do to make improvements. I think much more differently now, and it is really improving all aspects of my life.

Leisa H.

Lindsay C.

I am shocked at all the changes in my life over just that period [I worked with Shannon]! I loved all of it, but especially the insightful questions that helped me do some great self-reflection and [that it was] truly personalized and tailored to my adapting needs. There was no preset plan and so as my life changed, the direction of our coaching sessions changed in perfect harmony!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I think this gal knows what she's doing! I can get emotional even thinking about how Shannon helped me go from overwhelmed with ideas and nothing to show for them to the launch of two businesses plus plans for a third by the end of [6 weeks]!! I found her to be really genuine, and relatable, because she's a mom too.


Carole A.

Shannon's coaching is on-point. She cuts to the chase, gets to the heart of the matter, says things I had never considered, and leaves me not only with more to think about but also with improved vision to apply to my personal circumstances.

Ali C.


Wow!! I highly recommend Shannon as an expert Personal Coach who will take you from your dream. . . . to challenge, and [she will] compassionately hold you accountable and help you accomplish your action steps. I feel like a winner!!


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