My Yucky Blue Carpet

abundant dreams gratitude Sep 06, 2021
Shannon's living room carpet

My carpet is the WORST.

It’s this light blue color straight out of the 90s.

It’s definitely NOT kid friendly, as evidenced by the spilled spaghetti after dinner last night or the unknown white frosting substance I found on the side of the couch. (At least it wasn’t poop this time, so I’ve got that going for me.)

So often I make it the focal point of my house. . . . and not in a good way.

It’s really easy for me to get to a place where I hate my entire house, simply because all I see is the awful carpet.

But when I do that I miss all of the other wonderful and amazing things that I LOVE about my house. 

I LOVE my fireplace and my mantle. I think they’re just so cute!

I LOVE the big tree outside my front window that lets us play outside in 100-degree heat without dying.

I LOVE how soft my carpet is (despite the awful color), so I can get down and play on the floor with my babies.

I LOVE my house’s character.

Isn’t it so interesting though that sometimes my brain wants me to forget all the things I love?

Sometimes it feels like working full-time is like my blue carpet: the WORST thing ever.

I get so focused on the bad things about working full time that before I know it, it’s really easy to start hating my whole job and sometimes even my whole life.

Then I make excuses for not enjoying all the wonderful things in my life or not going out and living my best and dream life.

It’s like saying, “My carpet is blue, so why bother cleaning my house?”

“I work full time, so I can’t/won’t/shouldn’t try to live my dream life.”

But those are just lies. 

When my focal point becomes what I hate, I get more of what I hate (spaghetti on my carpet). 

But when my focal point becomes beauty and abundance, I am open to more ideas and ways of creating more beauty and abundance (aka - living my dreams). 

Here’s the thing. You can live your dreams.


Even as a working mom. Or a busy mom. Or an exhausted mom. 

I coach my clients on this every single day.

One client believed she would never have the time to really run a business. . . . She’s running 3.

I have another client who struggled to believe that she could improve her relationship with her husband . . . . Their relationship is getting stronger.

I have another client who wanted to feel more connected to the people in her life, but didn’t think it was possible with some health concerns. . . . She’s building that connection one relationship at a time.

What’s your dream?

You can start living it today. . . . even if you work full time and even if you have blue carpet.

Originally Published 3/5/20

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