My "Things I Want" List

abundant gratitude Sep 03, 2021

I LOVE Thanksgiving.

So I pretty much look forward to this week every year. 

It’s a week of abundance.

An abundance of food. 

An abundance of family.

An abundance of love.

It reminds me to look at my life with gratitude for all of the things that I have. 

I’ve been trying something different this year with my “thankful for” list. You know the list you write every year of the things you’re thankful for.

This year I wrote a “Things I Want” list, but the catch was, they had to be things that I already had. 

Slight nuance on the wording there, but go with me on this one for a second.

Typically, when we write a “Things I Want” list we come at it from a place of lack. 

I want a new car, because my car doesn’t look fancy and shiny.

I want a new house, because my house doesn’t have enough bedrooms.

I want a clean house, because it is always messy.

What if we come at our lives from a place of abundance instead of lack?

I want my little blue car, because I don’t have to worry about dents and dings when my babies open the door too fast. Plus, it gets great gas mileage.

I want my house, because it’s small and cozy.

I want my messy house, because it means it’s being lived in by the sweetest little babies in the world.

As I’ve started writing down the things I want that I already have, it’s amazing how the other list changes.

Rather than looking at my hopes and dreams from a place of lack, I look at them from a place of abundance.

I can look at them with the perspective that my dreams always come true.

Because if I look at my “Things I Want” list today compared to 7 years ago, I truly do have everything I dreamed of.

So who cares if my house is messy or if the 4-year old wrote all over my kitchen counter with a Sharpie again yesterday.

I have an abundance of everything I ever wanted.

Originally Published 11/27/19

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