Loaves and Fishes

enough jesus Sep 07, 2021

We have been watching The Chosen a lot on BYUtv recently. It’s a TV series all about the life of Jesus Christ.

Of course there are many artistic liberties taken in the series, but I love the reimagining of the life of Jesus Christ and his disciples.

In talking about his past experience as a director, Dallas Jenkins tells of some massive failures and discouragement he faced prior to creating The Chosen.

In the process of overcoming those failures, he came to the realization that his job is simply to provide the loaves and the fishes. God gets to decide what He does with them.

Sometimes I put so much pressure on myself to control how my loaves and fishes are used.

Sometimes I try to impossibly create enough loaves and fishes to feed 5,000 people on my own.

Sometimes I don’t give any loaves and fishes, because I don’t think that what I have is good enough.

All we’re asked to do, however, is bring what we have.

That is enough.

God does the rest.

As you more fully step into 2021, commit to providing your loaves and fishes without any expectations.

Know that what you have is enough, and then watch the miracles unfold. 

Originally Published 1/5/21

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