I Got Mad at Jake for Being Sick

exhaustion marriage sick Sep 06, 2021

Jake has been really sick for the last 3 weeks.

In our house when Daddy is “out sick” the whole house struggles.

And last week, much to my everlasting shame, I snapped.

I all but yelled at Jake something along the lines of, “I’m so done with you being sick!”

Essentially I was mad at him for being sick, and I basically told him to stop being sick.

As if he could do anything about it. 

I also said this to the man who didn’t complain once during my 2 months of 1st-trimester pregnancy sickness.

Definitely not my finest moment. 

Looking back, I was definitely at my breaking point. 

I was flat out exhausted from trying to be mommy and daddy for 2 weeks. 

That was my problem. 

I was trying to be Mommy AND Daddy.

In our house Jake and I pretty much split all responsibilities 50/50, but since Jake has been sick, he hasn’t been able to take his full share.

So in an act of trying to be super mom, I tried to do ALL THE THINGS.

Of course I snapped. 

I was trying to take the load of two people with no thought for what could be postponed, re-prioritized, or ditched all together.

This wasn’t a time for me to take on more. This was a time for me to slow down and maybe take on less. 

When life hands you a curveball (and in the scheme of things, this was a tiny curveball), that should be a signal to take on only the essentials. 

For next time, I hope to remember to do a little bit less. Slow down a little bit more. And to only do what truly needs to get done.

Originally Published 2/13/20

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