How I Built My Business Completely Exhausted

business exhaustion Sep 06, 2021

A few months ago I had hit that point.

You know the one that comes around again and again as a working mama.

The one that seems like a lifelong friend (or enemy) that will never go away. 

It’s that point of complete and intense exhaustion. 

I mean. As a working mama we’re always exhausted, right?

But I’d hit that point where I literally couldn’t go anymore.

A lot of it had to do with the fact that I was in my first trimester of pregnancy (nothing like that 1st trimester exhaustion to keep you down).

But I had also started a new job with a longer commute.

I had two very active babies at home.

I was building my coaching business.

The holidays were approaching.

And I had just been called as Primary President to serve over 90 children and 30ish adults. (For friends not a member of my faith, the Primary President in our church is responsible for all of the Sunday classes and weekday activities held in our local congregation for children between the ages of 18 months and 11 years old). 

I was done, and I knew something had to give.

So immediately I started looking for things to cut out of my life. 

And of course I decided that my business was the first thing to go.

After all, I was building it after hours, and if I couldn’t even stay awake past 8:00 at night it made no sense to keep it.


Only. No. 

I couldn’t give up something I was passionate about and something that I felt impressed to do.

But I couldn’t see any way to make it work.

After all I was exhausted. 

Luckily, my coach at the time wouldn’t let me quit.

And it was from her I learned the principle of the 1 thing:

What is 1 thing I could do this week to move my business forward? 

At the time it was to build a basic website. 

So I did it.

It wasn’t (still isn’t) fancy or glamorous, but I did it. 

The next week my 1 thing was to publish 1 blog post.

And the next week it was something else.

I started building my business LITERALLY on 1 small thing at a time. 

Now just a few months later, I have a basic website (it’s improving all the time). I’ve published a few dozen blog posts. I have hundreds of followers. I have several new friends after networking like crazy. And my coaching practice is beginning to thrive.

All because of the principle of the one thing. 

The needle has moved dramatically in my business because of ONE thing.

I have changed dramatically because of the ONE thing. 

I haven’t quit, and I didn’t have to quit any of those things I thought I would. 

Maybe I’m not moving as quickly as I had hoped when I started out, but I’m still moving.

What could be different in your life by doing ONE thing this week? 

A relationship? Your job? Your business? You?

Can you do that ONE thing this week? 

Of course you can.

Originally Published 1/30/20

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