Here's to Commitment. . . . and Vomit

blog social media Jul 29, 2021



This is totally how I feel about starting a blog. And I feel that way for lots of reasons.


One is that now I’m committed. If I say I’m going to write a blog and then post it to everywhere, well, then I have to keep that commitment. 


Which also means writing.


A lot.


That takes time, and time is a hot commodity, especially around the holidays. (Did I mention next week is Thanksgiving?).


But let’s be honest. Those aren’t the real reasons, are they?


The real reason I feel gross is because this means a level of vulnerability. Putting myself out there on display for the world. 


And that only means bad things, right?


There’s a scene in Ralph Breaks the Internet where Ralph sees the comments on his BuzzzTube videos he’s been making for Vanellope. At first the comments are positive, and he starts to feel pretty good. 


Then the comments start to get mean. Not only do they say terrible things about the videos, but they start to say terrible things about Ralph as a person.


Yesss tries to help by telling him that “the first rule of the internet is to not read the comments.”


But Ralph knows what you and I know. 


The comments are still there. 


The terrible comments that people say about your work, your mom, your dog, and your cousin’s son’s in-laws. 


They’re there.


And that IS scary.


But you know what? 


I can let them be there.


I’m still going to write, because what if my humble little blog can help 1 person. 


Or 10?


Or 20?


Wouldn’t it all be worth it then?


So here’s to commitment. . . . .


. . . . and vomit. Because there’s probably going to be some of that along the way too.


Originally Published 11/19/19

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