jesus motherhood Sep 03, 2021

My sweet little boy doesn’t really talk.

When he does he usually says nicknames for the things he wants.

And those nicknames are usually sounds that only his mama can understand.

It’s not that he doesn’t know words or that he can’t say words.

He chooses NOT to say them. 

We try to encourage him to say words. Like when we’re putting on his socks, we’ll say, “Say ‘sock.’”

Well, the boy who is too smart for us looks at us like we’re insane and can’t figure out why in the world we would want him to say a word that he already knows.

You see. This darling boy is of the opinion that he’s said that word before, and now he’s over it. 

He never has to say it again . . . .

But do you know what this sweet baby says more than any other word, and it’s as clear as a bell?


This Christmas season my little 20-month old is completely in love with baby Jesus.

Any time he sees a picture or video or sculpture of baby Jesus, he says with a quiet reverence and awe, “Baby.”

And then he stares at the baby for the longest time.

He doesn’t do it with any other real life baby or picture. 

Just baby Jesus.

Because my boy knows.

Have you ever noticed that most babies know?

They know who Jesus is almost instinctively and know that he is the most important part of any manger scene. 

It’s almost as if they have this sweet little remembering.

And so often we forget. 

We forget why we’re doing this whole Christmas season.

The parties.

The lights.

The food.

All the extras so often become the focus for us.

My boy doesn’t understand any of that yet.

He doesn’t get Christmas lights, or the tree, or the decorations. 

But he understands the most important thing. 

EVERYTHING is about and for Baby Jesus.

Originally Published 12/24/19

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